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Attack - Table of contents:

Create a plan

If you want to create an attack plan, you are required to at least play one active account on any supported server.

Here you can name your plan - for example "my first plan".
Select the server you want to plan attacks on.

Below you see the plan you allready created.
You can use the buttons on the right to:

  1. View the result of the plan
  2. Edit the plan
  3. Delete the plan

Delete the plan

First enter the coordinates (x|y) of your target village (1) and hit the button next to the input field.
If the target is valid, more information (2) will be shown.

Unit speeds can vary on different servers. Those are the default values:
  • Spear fighter .. 18 min/field
  • Swordsman .. 22 min/field
  • Axeman .. 18 min/field
  • Archer .. 18 min/field
  • Scout .. 9 min/field
  • Light cavalry .. 10 min/field
  • Mounted archer .. 10 min/field
  • Heavy cavalry .. 11 min/field
  • Ram .. 30 min/field
  • Catapult .. 30 min/field
  • Paladin .. 10 min/field
  • Nobleman .. 35 min/field

You see a list of villages from which you can send attacks on the right (3). Those villages are sorted by their distance to your target, so that you can find close villages easier. Now choose one of your villages.
Next choose the slowest unit you want do send (4). (See the box »)

As soon as the unit is selected the entry appears in your plan.

If you've done that, select the time of arrival, by entering time and date on the left (5).
Notice that your troops only arrive within the specific timespan that is possible for them. (I.e.: its 12:00; your slowest unit requires 01:35 hours; they can arrive 13:35 at the earliest).

If you want to engage several targets at the same time you can simply add more by entering "new target" coords (1). If you do so, another list will appear.

Everything entered and checked? - If you are ready you can view your finished plan (7).

Create/edit filters

Particularly if you own many villages it can be hard to find your off villages fast - thus we added the option "filter" (6).
With filters you can - as you do in the game - create groups of your villages.

First create a new filter - e.g. "OFF" - and click the button on the right to confirm.
Now you can copy a list of your villages from ingame. Our tool will find their coordinates automatically.
Press "Apply filter" to save!
Notice, that you can also create other groups - eventually to keep track of the villages that hold snobs. It's up to you to group your villages in any way you want.

Finished plan

Here you can see the order in which you must send your attacks. Thus the list is sorted by the starting time).
Click the attack symbol on the right and you will be redirected directly to your gathering place - coordinates entered.

Any questions?

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